Many of our clients choose to work with us in full knowledge of the discounted choice, yet will still pay more. Why? Because in the end, we don’t cost them money, we make them money! This is done in three ways:

1) First, through a skillfully executed marketing plan, with extensive advertising, we can assure that we will obtain the highest price the market will bear. By exposing the property to the widest possible market, the buyer who will pay the most will be found.

2) Second, through strong negotiations, we are often able to get a better sales price (and subsequent inspection resolution), further preserving the seller’s equity and profit position, rather than immediately caving to the adversary.

3) Third, and again through marketing and sales skill, we’re often able to achieve the sale in a shorter time, saving the client thousands of dollars including interest and holding costs, lost rent, and untold opportunity cost. Combined, these three sources of additional profit to the seller will often exceed the so-called “savings” from using a discount broker by many multiples. The old adage that it takes money is abundantly true in real estate marketing.

Initial PreListing and Research

1. Research Property Ownership on County Public Records

2. Note Legal Names on Title Research

3. Research Legal Description

4. Research Deed information in Public Records

5. Set up time to meet with Seller

6. Prepare Sellers Listing Info and Packet

7. Deliver Pre-Listing Packet to Seller

8. Walk through property to identify special features

9. Have Seller complete Special Features Sheet

10. Plan Goals with Seller

11. Research all neighborhood comparable currently Listed Properties

12. Research all neighborhood comparable Under Contract Properties

13. Research all neighborhood comparable Previous Sales Activity

14. Research all area comparable Currently Listed Properties

15. Research all area comparable Under Contract Properties

16. Research all area comparable Previous Sales Activity

17. Review days on market and absorption rates for probable sales marketing time

18. Complete Market Study Prepared (CMA)

19. Present Market Study to Seller, Including Current Listings & Sold Comps

20. Discuss Online Marketing available

21. Discuss Preparation Needed to Market Property Effectively

22. Listing Contract Signed by Seller

23. Required Addendums, Including Square Footage Disclosure and Seller’s Property Disclosure Signed by Seller

24. Property Inclusions and Exclusions Noted

25. Owners House Plans Received, if applicable

26. Obtain copy of a recent appraisal, if available

27. Interior Room Sizes Measured

28. Arrange for a professional photographer to photograph your home

29. Identify Homeowners Association

30. Loan Company & Loan Number Provided by Seller

31. Second Loan Company & Loan Number Provided by Seller

32. Home Owner Warranty Made Available

33. Lock Box installed

34. Sign Installed

35. Post “Turn Off Lights” and “Remove Shoes” request cards in property

36. Zoning Researched

37. Land Use Researched

38. If property older than 1978, Required Lead Based Paint Disclosures completed

39. Sewer/Septic System Researched

40. Well Status Researched, if applicable

41. Pre-Listing Checklist completed


Office and Marketing Implementation

42. Complete MLS Data Sheet

43. New Listing Entered into the MLS System

44. Showing Instructions Prepared, Office Notified

45. Copy Virtual Tour and Photos uploaded to MLS, realtor.com, come2colorado.com

46. Upload Video to My YouTube Channel at www.YouTube.com/user/come2colorado/

47. Listing Pplace on my Social Media Business Page www.Facebook.com/MarkCooperRealEstatePage    

48. Prepare Interior and Sign Brochures

49. Place Brochures in Sign Box and in interior of property

50. Prepare Realtor Informational packets with required Disclosures and upload to MLS 

51. Request Homeowners Association information and verification

52. Add Property to Our Active Listed Board

53. Proof MLS Computer Printout

54. Email copy of MLS printout to Seller as well as an Eflyer with link to Virtual Tour

55. Internet Exposure with multiple property photos through: ColoradoHomes,com, ColdwellBanker.com, ColdwellBankerPreviews.com, FrontDoor.com, HomeFinder.com, WSJ.com, Google.com, OpenHouse.com, Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Yahoo!RealEstate.com, Zillow.com, KSL.com, NYTimes.com, Homes.com, AOL.com, UniqueHomes.com, PrimeLocation.com, FindaProperty.com, RobbReportCollection.com, CyberHomes.com, Enormo.com, IHT.com, Oodle.com, YouTube.com, FaceBook.com, OBEO.com, Homescape.com, CLRsearch.com, Local.com, Backpage.com, Walmart.com, LakeHomesUSA.com, Fizber.com, LandWatch.com, Overstock.com, Propbot.com, Resortscape.com, SecondSpace.com, MyRealty.com, DenverPost.com These sites aggregate to over 900 other websites 

56. Place Marketing Brochures in Agent Mail Boxes at office

57. Provide “Special Feature” Cards for Marketing (If applicable)

58. Contact all agents who have “Prospect Matches” in the Metrolist system

59. Listing Checklist completed

During Listing Period


60. Call showing agents for showing feedback and Email showing feedback request forms

61. Convey showing feedback to Seller

62. Run sold comparable properties at end of month

63. Discuss monthly market study with Seller

64. Enter any price changes into MLS System

65. Price Changes emailed to all agents who have shown property

66. New Brochures and Realtor packets are delivered as needed

67. Notify office showing desk of any changes in showing information

68. Arrange Open Houses

Contract Management


69. Receive Offer to purchase

70. Contact Selling Agent to discuss Buyers Qualifications & Offer

71. All Needed Forms are requested to complete the sale

72. Offer Reviewed with Seller

73. Offer is Accepted, Amended or Countered

74. Contract is Signed by all parties

75. Copy of signed Offer is delivered to Seller

76. Signed Offer and paperwork is Delivered to Selling Agent/Buyer

77. Copies of accepted contract and earnest money in office file

78. MLS notified of Under Contract status

79. Showings are restricted as Seller requests

80. Earnest Money delivered to title company

81. Email copy of accepted contract to title company

82. Record and track contract dates

83. Request title insurance commitment be delivered to all parties by title deadline per the contract

84. Coordinate Meeting all Title Insurance Requirements

85. Request copies from the Homeowners Association (as required by the Contract to Buy and Sell Contract) of: Declarations; Bylaws; Rules and Regulations; Party wall agreements; Minutes of most recent annual owners’ meeting; Minutes of any directors meeting during the six-month period prior to the title deadline; Most recent financial documents including the annual balance sheet, annual income and expenditures statement, and Annual Budget.

86. Obtain buyers signatures on Common Interest Community Addendum (receipt) verifying they received Homeowners Association documents as required by State Law (Senate Bill 100)

87. Forward copy of signed Common Interest Community Addendum receipt to Homeowners Association as required by State Law (Senate Bill 100)

88. Deliver Unrecorded Property Information to Buyer, as required

89. Email copies of Contract to Lender, as needed

90. Coordinate time of Home Inspection

91. Review the Home Inspection Notice Results with Seller

92. Negotiate the Inspection Items to be completed

93. Septic Report Received and Reviewed, if required

94. Copy of Septic Inspection Report delivered to Lender and Buyer, if required

95. Copy of Well Flow Test and Bacteria Test Received and Reviewed, if required and delivered to Lender and Buyer

96. Schedule Appraisal

97. Provide Comparable Sales for Appraiser

98. Appeal for Increase if Appraisal is low

99. Contact Lender Weekly to Track Processing

100. Confirm Loan Payoff Statement created with Title Company

101. Notify Seller of Buyer’s Loan Approval


Closing Management

102. Coordinate time and place of closing with all parties

103. Final Walk Thru Scheduled for Buyer

104. Closing Figures Requested from Title Company

105. Closing Figures Received and Reviewed

106. Closing Figures Forwarded to Seller for Review

107. Closing Figures Forwarded to Selling Agent for buyer’s review

108. Closing Documents Received and Reviewed

109. Request changes should a problem be found

110. Oversee the Entire Closing Process

111. Coordinate This Closing with Your Next Purchase

112. Present You with your Check at Closing