Arapahoe County


Located just south of Cherry Hills Village, Colorado was incorporated as a town in 1950. Over 75,000 people work in the relatively small community of 7.75 square miles. The Denver Technological Center, a large business park, contributes to a large number of those people.

Colorado is an upscale community with above-average cost of living. Most of the over 2,500 homes in the area command selling prices way above the average. With 310 acres of parkland and 21 parks, the city provides a variety of recreational activities. Additionally, the city owns and manages about 60 acres of athletic fields, six softball and five baseball diamonds, 106 acres of passive parkland, a 19-acre park for equestrian use, and 445 miles of bike paths.

  • Area: 7.75 square miles
  • Population: 14,000
  • Property Taxes: 1.2% to 1.4% per 1,000 Assessed Value
  • Sales Tax: 6.8%
  • School Districts: Cherry Creek and Littleton
  • Website: